Introduction: Water Bottle Prank

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Here's a prank you can do on all your friends and Family! (Sorry about not having real pictures, I ran out of Bottles lol)

Step 1: Warning! Drink First!

So first your going to need a bottle of soda. drink first and Then come back here for the next step

Step 2: Thumbtack Time!:)

Get a thumbtack and PUSH IT THROUGH YOUR SKIN ALL THE WAY!! JK, get a thumbtack and Get ready for step 3

Step 3: Awesome Drawing

Poke 5 Holes in the bottle with the thumbtack in the shape of a pentagon. Fill with water.

Step 4: All Set

Your prank is now ready. Find an unsuspecting victim and point the five holes towards him/her and say,"Hey can you hold this bottle for a second?" When they do grab the bottle, Squeeze it as hard as you can. (If you want, you can put Either cold or hot water)

Step 5: Thanks for Reading This Post

Thanks guys for reading this post. I enjoyed making it and I hope to get more posts out there. If you guys liked it I'll make sure to make more of these. Please comment as it helps me get more feedback. Any ways, please follow me and share with your friends. Bye!