Water Filter - the DIY (Straw-Style) Water Filter! - Survival/SHTF Water Filter - Easy DIY

Introduction: Water Filter - the DIY (Straw-Style) Water Filter! - Survival/SHTF Water Filter - Easy DIY

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in this instructable i'll show you how i made a "straw style" water filter

Step 1: Watch the Instructional Video...

Step 2: Read the Description...

Homemade "Straw Style" Water Filter!. Easy DIY. This Straw Style Water Filter is small, lightweight and powerful. good to have when hiking/camping and ideal for in a SHTF/Emergency situation. is 99.9% effective at removing many common disease/cancer causing water contaminants. also is excellent for purifying rain (or tap) water. full step-by-step instructions. items needed: poultry baster, coffee filters, cotton balls (optional) and activated carbon. *all items found at dollar store - except the activated carbon ($6.00 at walmart). also sold at most aquarium supply stores. filter should last for years with regular maintenance. the activated carbon is rated to last 5 1/2 months (24 weeks) if used continuously. change cotton/coffee filters as needed.

Step 3: First: Gather the Items...

1.) one turkey/poultry baster (to make the "straw"). cost $1.00

2.) activated carbon (from walmart, most aquarium supply stores or amazon). $6.00 for large jug of it

3.) paper coffee filters ($1.00)

4.) cotton balls ($1.00)

5.) rubber band, string or twist tie (free)

Step 4: First, Remove End of Baster and Add Cotton Ball

push it down into the tip (end) of baster (see pics above)

Step 5: Rinse the Activated Carbon...

new activated carbon has a very fine residue on it. for it to work properly you need to rinse it first. be patient because that can take a few minutes (see pics above). after rinsing, clean the sink!

Step 6: Add It...

Step 7: Add Cotton Balls to the Other End (the Top)...

Step 8: And Finally, Cap It Off (with Coffee Filter Paper)

cut down coffee filter and make a cap for the end. attach it with a rubber band, string or a twist tie

Step 9: Give It a Try...

effectively filters tap-water, rain-water, river-water. This type of filter works best to purify tap water, rain water and river-water. the filter eliminates any bad taste/odor and restores clarity to water. it also removes silt, debris, sediment along with over 200 chemical contaminants (including herbicides/pesticides, pharmaceuticals and on and on). note that if you are filtering lake/pond water (or any other stagnant body of water that may contain pathogens) you should pour water thru filter and into a collection container and boil it before drinking. boiling can be done before or after you pour water thru the filter. note: nothing grows in fast moving river water so that does not need to be boiled.

Step 10: Here's How to Pour Water Thru It...

cut the top off of the bulb part of the baster and connect it. then just pour water in and hold over a container (to collect the filtered water).

Step 11: Have Fun Making and Using It!

here's a few extra pics

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    4 years ago

    Very nice, but a "Life Straw" uses silver impregnated charcoal. Silver kills bacteria and viruses. If your straw does not incorporate silver...then my young padawan.....you will die..