Introduction: Water Powered Calculator (Original)

This Instructable will show you how to make a very simple water powered calculator.
I built this because there was a time that we forget to buy a supply of AAA, AA, C, D and LR44
battery so I built this. It solve my problems so it might do the same for you too. Check out for more projects by: angelo10.

This is the original version by: angelo10

Please give the credits to me not for your selves. I saw people getting my pictures and telling  others that they made it. Please don't get all the credits!

Proud to be Filipino (pinoy) like Manny Pacquiao.

Step 1: Meterials You Will Need

You will need:
- A Calculator
- Carbon Rod/ Copper Rod
- A 1x1 Inch Aluminum Foil
- A Small Cylindrical Container
- Two 3 Inch Wire
- Multi Purpose Pliers
- Glue Gun

Step 2: Making Some Holes

Use a drill or a pointy object to make some holes located on the bottom and lower side.

Step 3: Adding the Carbon Rod (Positive)

Glue the carbon rod  in place as the positive rod. The carbon rod is from a used AA battery.
Warning: Never open alkaline "it is messy".

Step 4: Adding the Foil (Negative)

Glue the foil in place as the negative plate.

Step 5: Connect the Water 's Wires

Connect the wire of the water battery, and glue it so it won't leak. Positive wire connected to carbon rod while negative is connected to the foil / zinc.

Step 6: Disassembling the Calculator

Disassemble the calculator with a screwdriver.

Step 7: Connect the Water Battery to the Calculator

Connect the water battery to the calculator. The carbon rod is positive while the aluminum is negative. Be sure to disconnect the solar panel.

Step 8: Assemble It Again

Put it back together again.

Step 9: Fill the Water Battery

Liquid Rating:
Water - Good
Water With Salt - Better
Vinegar - Best

Step 10: You Are Done

You are done. You just need to refill it a again after it run-out of power. Adding more water batteries would be better.