Introduction: Water Powered Elevator

For my final assessment I chose to create a water powered elevator that moves up and down and refills a tank when it is done. the items to make this elevator run are

Water sensor X1

Servo's X2


Resistors X2


Button X1

Breadboard X1

Step 1: Setting Up the LCD Screen

When setting up the LCD Screen the pins I used were Analog five, and four, which conncect directly to the screen.and the third, and fourth pins connect to the ground and the 5V pins.

VCc: Connects to the power source (5V)

Gnd: Connects to ground

SDA: Connects to analog 4

SCL: Connects to analog 5

Step 2: Setting Up the Water Sensor

When setting up the water sensor there are three inputs on the sensor that connect to the arduino. one of the inputs on the sensor is indicated with the letter S on it you need to connect that to the Analog 1 on the arduino. the other 2 pins are a plus and a minus positive will go directly to the ground while negative will be connected to the 5V battery

+: ground

-: (5V)

S: Analog 1

Now because the LCD and the water sensor both need the 5V you should have a circuit board with you so you can connect the ground and poistive to the board so both the water sensor and LCD receive the 5V from the Arduino.

Step 3: Setting Up the Servos

When setting up the two servos I used pins 8 and 9, there are three sections for each servos pins to be connected to. one wire should connect to the (3V) side while the other pin will be connected to the ground.

Servo 1:

slot 1: pin 8

(middle slot) slot 2: (3V)

slot 3: ground

now I decide to connect the other pin to the 5V because this servo is used frequently as the elevator so I decided to give it more power then the other one which empty's the water tank. The video shows the working servo for the elevator.

Step 4: Button and LED

I used a button so I could empty the tank of water when it gets to high so then the elevator would go down to the bottom levels. in order to do this I had a push button when the LED light was on I would have to wait before it would turn off then I could press the push button when it was off so the other servo would start to empty the water while the elevator servo stopped. I setup a button which connected to the pin 2, then the rest of the wires are connected through a pull up resistor which then connects to the ground and the power (5V).

Step 5: Code and Final Circuit Diagram