Introduction: Water Producer for Plants

The idea started a couple of weeks ago while I was at home and went to buy some beverages, cold beverages. When I took them out of the bag I realized they were dropping water, some drops of water were inside the bag and the bag was wet. I realized that this same process happens to any other cold product when it is colder than the environment.

So I started thinking, how could I generate water using the same technique, and then I thought about the peltier cells, which you can heat or cold accordingly to the voltage inputted into the cell. The self watering plant pot is a device that can live inside a house, office or open space, it makes use of a physical interaction with the environment using the Peltier effect, this effect allows with the usage of small amounts of electricity to cool down a metal plate where the electricity is interacting. So the first step is to use the Peltier effect that will lead to water condensation, because the Peltier effect only cools down metal plates below room temperature it benefits the creation of water from this effect, meaning that any normal house, office or open space with higher temperatures than 18 celsius degrees could be benefitted from the creation of water of this way. In this project a self watering plant pot gets watered from a normal cellphone charger producing more drops of water and constantly avoiding the need of water installations, water schedule or any need of manual watering. The design for the watering pot was made in 3D and printed to match a state of the art that could fit in most modern houses and interiors, is also perfectly balanced to be eco friendly since it is made of recyclable plastic materials, the waste could easily be reused or reprinted.

Step 1:

Initially i started with this project because i wanted some time to spend

Step 2: 3D Design

Step 3:

Step 4: Feasibility and Features

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