Introduction: Water Proof Photo Tent

Hi I’m Briana Gardell. I developed a product called Goblies. They are little wet squishy membranes that are used as hand thrown paintballs. I had a lot of trouble photographing them against a white background. I couldn't use white paper because they would create water marks. So, I came up with this DIY solution.

I think this could be useful to photograph foods, make up or anything that is messy.

Step 1: Gather Materials

If you have photography lights, you just need a knife and a Model Magic plastic container. Alternatively, you can use outdoor lighting.

Here is the link to Model Magic: Amazon

Alternative white plastic containers could potentially be used. Here are a few ideas:

Step 2: Cut the Container

There are multiple ways you can cut your container depending on how you are going to use it. It is important to consider where the labels are on the packaging.

If you are going to use photography lights, I would cut the sides. If you are going to use natural lighting, cut the top off.

Step 3: Results With Photography Lights

This is a photo I took with photography lights and an iPhone 5 and a photo of the set up.

Step 4: Results With Natural Lighting

This is a photo with natural lighting and a photo of the set up.

Step 5: Photoshop

I used photoshop to get a completely white background. It was easy; I just added an exposure layer.