Introduction: Water Saving Barrels

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Most every technique on this site for saving water is based on Rainfall.
What happens during a drought, no rainfall.  So I got to thinking about collecting water in other ways.
We consume between 1500-2000 gallons of water per month, during summer months.
Less than 500gallons is used in the Clothes Washer & Toilet.  The remianing is GREY water.

So I split my Shower, Bathroom Sink and Kitchen Sink water drians from the other drains.
It was real simple for me to do, since I already had the Toilet drain separated, when I built the house 2 years ago.

I did not know of this site when I did this project June of this year or I would have taken better detailed step-step pictures.

You will notice that there is not an Over-Flow from one barrel to the next.  The water is Self-Leveling through the 2" PVC at the bottom.
I also installed a water gauge clear tube.
The galvanized strap is really not needed, but it gave me comfort when the barrels are empty, in case a storm happens.
The concrete blocks below are 8"x16" free setting.  Notice you do not see the holes inside the blocks.
This is the proper/strongest way to stack concrete blocks, it is the way professionals do it.
All of the 2" PVC is schedule 40.  The 3/4" is CPVC.  I used a 2" glue in adapter to 3/4 female threads, to make the transition.
I could have used a plastic male thread on the end, but the brass tightens better to hoses and will hold up longer.
I drilled 2- 1/16" holes in top of each barrel for venting. Not sure if that was needed, but keeps
the incoming water from gurgling. 

The added benefit of soaps and shampoos in the water is they are bug deterrents on plants. 

Also in the large photo, you can see where I am manually catching the condensate water that is flowing from furnace (A/C) to outside.
Lower right coner blue bowl next to A/C unit

Hope this helps others.