Introduction: Water-Weenie

About: Will Bosworth, developing projects for HowToons @ SquidLabs.
Looking for a good waterfight? Water hose too short? Soak those pesky neighbors or water the plants on the far side of the yard with this 3-part water-weenie!

Step 1: Parts & Tools

1 bicycle innertube (preferably used), 1 hose clamp (sized for water hose), 1 female-male hose connector with flow toggle switch (2.50 @ homedepot).

knife & screw driver.

Step 2: Prepare Innertube

Cut the innertube so that there are two open sides. If recycling a busted tube, cut out any holes. Keep the nozzle if possible.

Next, tie a simple knot at one end of the open innertube.

Step 3: Assemble the Weenie

put the open end of the innertube over the male side of the male/female hose connect. Tighten the hose clamp over this assembly.

Step 4: Filling the Weenie

screw a hose into the weenie. turn on hose. open the flow switch on the weenie. watch the weenie fill up. (note: the innertube will burst if filled to much. We've observed that the innertube explosion is not too violent, but be carfeul!)

Step 5: Free the Weenie

Turn off hose. close flow from hose to weenie. unscrew hose from weenie. (unscrewing the hose can be a little wet. if you close the flow to the weenie before turning off the hose it will be wetter)

Now, The flow switch on the weenie is the trigger for shooting water out.

Step 6: Play With the Weenie / Strut Your Stuff