Introduction: Waterfowl Pump Shotgun Camo

In Waterfowling hiding is one of the most important aspecs of the sports. In todays age most new guns are already camo. But what if your on a tight buget? Than its time for some redneck ingenuity.

Submitted by Powell Middle School for the Instructables Sponsorship Program.

Step 1: Materials

 Materials.     1. camo duct tape (depends on what environment you hunt in.) 2. Camo gun wrap (many camo gun wraps sold) 3. Sharp knife  4. Shotgun jlkjkl 

Step 2: Step 1 Wrap the Gun

The only parts of the gun you will be wrapping to the barrel and the butt stock and handle. Fist take the barrel off the gun. Next start wrapping the barrel evenly. Make sure to wrap the barrel tight so when you shoot u can see the bead at the end of the barrel. Then start to wrap the stock. You do not need to take apart the stock to wrap. You will not be able to wrap the whole stock. It is okay a little bit of different colors is more natural than all camo. Most gun wraps will enhance your grip on the gun. 

Step 3: Tapping the Gun

Now its time to duct tape the gun. You are going to need to tape the front handle of the gun or the part you pump, and the part were the shells eject. This next part is easy all you have to do is tape these parts. After you are done taping the shell ejector cut out the piece that the shells come out.

Step 4: Now Your Finished!!!

Great Job! Now put the gun back together and have fun. You will never be seen by waterfowl again1