Introduction: Watering Can Planter

This is a little project I made one afternoon when I was tinkering in the shed. I'd seen a few different versions online and thought one day I'd like to make one of those ! Looking at what I had lying around in the shed I thought I can make 2 !!

Even better I think !

Very easy to make and they look great.


2 x 60 litre drums with the top cut out

2 x Hand trolley wheel centers

1 x Old bike wheel

Some scrap pieces of steel pipe. I had to handles of on old playground and a piece of pipe from an old trampoline.

Step 1: Collecting Materials

You can certainly use different things to what I did these are just some scrap materials I had lying around in the shed from other projects or things I'd scavenged (my favorite past time!).

I started out will 2 old 60 Litre drums that had been used a shed rubbish bins at one time. They do need the tops cut out of them and I'd already done this a few years before.


My drums had been clean engine oil drums and I used a hammer and chisel to gentle cut the top out, then bent any sharp pieces over.

Next I had some old hand trolley wheel I split and took the rubber tyres and tube off. All you need is the center piece.

I also had some old bike wheels lying around off the kids old bikes and cut one of those in half and removed all the spokes.

Lastly I also grabbed some scrap metal pieces I had lying around. I had two handles of on old playground and a piece of pipe from an old trampoline. But you can use whatever you have on hand.

Step 2: Construction

It's really just a matter of cutting the materials to suit your drums and design.

I cut two straight sections out of the trampoline piece and welded the hand trolley wheel centers to make the spouts. Then weld them on angle that looks good to you.

The bike wheel cut in half welded on makes the top handle.

The old playground handles I cut a section out of and welded back together to shorten them so the looked better. Then welded them on the drum for the side handle.

Lastly I punched a few holes in the bottom to allow water to run out and gave them a paint ! I chose red as it matched in with school garden theme where the planters were going !

Step 3: Finished Product

The finished product !

I originally pictured them to go in our vegetable garden at the back of the school with herbs growing in them, but the principal was so impressed she choose to put them at the front entrance of the school ! I just put some drainage rocks in the bottom third and filled the rest up with potting mix and chicken manure. We chose to but some Agapanthus in them as they need little water to survive and match in with the other plants we have at school.

These planters are really easy to make and they look fantastic !

Have a go and post some photos of your creations.

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