Introduction: Watering Rocket for Small Plants

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The watering rocket makes sure your plant never run dry.

All you need is a regular PET bottle, like a Coca Cola bottle. Rinse it out thoroughly, fill it with clean fresh water and screw the 3D printed part on. With the watering rocket your small plants will run dry while you're on Holiday.


- the 3D printed part

- PET bottle

- bowl with plants

Step 1: Drink! We Need an Empty Bottle

For the rocket we need a plastic bottle with a regular screw cap. Any type or size will do. Once you have an empty bottle, rinse it out thoroughly. Sugar kills plants. So make sure it is clean.

Step 2: 3D Print the End Piece

3D print the end piece of the watering rocket on any 3D printer. I used the Wanhao Replicator i3 plus. Suggested Cura settings: infill 50% with supports.

The watering rocket end piece can be found on Thingiverse:

Or you can use the STL file attached to the project.

Step 3: Fill With Water and Screw the End Piece On

Fill the bottle with fresh water and it up side down. Then place it in a container in between your plants. Once the tip in under water no more air will get into the bottle and it will stop. When the water level dops it will automatically be replenished.

It is ideal to keep young saplings or other small plants watered while you are away.

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