Introduction: Watermelon Falooda Indian Frozen Treat

Hello guys I am Razeena and today we are going to make a frozen treat called Watermelon Falooda.

The images in this project is from my youtube channel .RAAZ Foodies,hope u check it out .

now let's get started.


1.half chopped watermelon(important) cream(very important!!) apple

4.fresh cream


6.pomegranate granules

7.a bowl

8. a spoon

Step 1: Scoop and Crush

The first thing we need to do is scoop the watermelon flesh from the watermelon and store it in a bowl.

Take the watermelon bowl( the bowl made of watermelon ) and put it inside the refrigerator and store it for later

now crush the scooped watermelon into small pieces as shown in image 2.

now lets get to the next step.

Step 2: Adding Taste

After that we pour 1/2 glass of fresh cream and 3/4 table spoon of milkmaid.

Add 1 cup of sugar for sweetness,

if you thing it's not sweet enough, then you can add 1/2 cup of sugar extra.

mix it well .Now lets get to the next step.

Step 3: Adding Crunchy

in this step we want to crunch on something

and to do that i added some chopped apples ,pomegranate granules and semia

mix it well.the semia is for softness

Step 4: Refill

this will be the last step,here we pour the sweet mixture into the watermelon bowl

this treat is almost equivalent to a daily meal

now we keep this in the fridge to cool as possible

Step 5: Congratulations!!!!!!!!

wait there is one more step

we forgot to add the ice cream on top of the falooda

so let's add the cold ice cream on top of the cold falooda,

after this u can add anything that sweet for decoration.

Step 6: Congratulation!!!!!again

congratulations and this is for real

now you can enjoy this treat after coming home from a busy day

the best treat for summer

note to staff member

images from my own channel not copied

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