Introduction: Watermelon Granita

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We are in the midst of Summer here in California and the heat is sweltering. In our everlasting quest to find a refreshing, but healthy treat that both tasted delicious and cooled us down, few have even came close to one of our favorite summer-time treats. Behold the Watermelon Granita. This refreshing, slushi-like treat is a lifesaver and the neighbors love it to. In the following instructable be ready to learn how to make this beloved treat. I know you'l love too.

Step 1: Gather the Materials

The materials and supplies that will be needed for this treat are:

  • 1 Watermelon
  • 1 Lime depending how big it is
  • Optional-A sweetener (I'm using Agave syrup but you can also use sugar, honey, ect.
  • A casserole pan
  • A Blender
  • A fork (Preferably Metal)
  • A knife and cutting board

Step 2: Ingredients Into the Blender

Cut the Watermelon into bite size chunks and place all of it into the blender if possible. My blender is too small so I did two loads instead of putting all the Watermelon in. Cut a lime in half and squeeze the juice straight into the blender. Depending if you want sweetener at all, pour the amount of sugar, honey, Agave syrup, ect. you prefer into the blender (again I'm using Agave syrup.)

Step 3: Blend Them Up and Into the Pan

Now with all your ingredients in the blender, blend them all up until they are liquified with no chunks. If the liquid is smooth, pour it all into the casserole pan. The pan, now full with Watermelon juice will now go into the freezer.

Step 4: Scraping (The Fun Part)

The last part of making this delicious Granita is scraping it. This is the part where your frozen Watermelon juice turns into a refreshing slushi. Depending on the thickness of your frozen sheet of Watermelon juice, you will have to scrape the top of the Granita from every one-two hours until the whole ice sheet is slush. I would check every hour to see how soft it is. The key is to scrape the Granita before it becomes rock hard and freezes completely but not before it is too soft and breaks or collapses. To scrape it drag or rake a metal fork over the ice. Scrape it so the ice is broken up and little flakes/slush forms. Scrape the Granita until it starts to feel soft and liquidy. When the ice is too soft to scrape put it back in the freezer. Keep on doing this method until all the ice is replaced by soft flakes. Now gather up the slush and enjoy your refreshing treat.

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