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Introduction: Watermelon Italian Soda Slush

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If you're looking for a quick- Delicious, causal desert look no further! This beverage puts a creative twist on the classic Italian soda. By crusting the ice inside the Italian Soda it adds a nice texture. A drink for EVERYONE!

Step 1: What We'll Need

Here's the list of ingredients you will need to make a Watermelon Italian Soda Slush:

1/2 cup of watermelon flavoring syrup

2 cups of Club Soda

2 cups of ice

1 T half and half (per glass)

Whipped cream

Mint Leaves (optional)

We will also need a blender.


Step 2: Making Our Drink

To get started combine 1/2 cup of our flavoring syrup with 2 cups of Club soda. Now add the 2 cups of ice and blend together on high till all the ice is blended (no one likes a drink with chunks of ice in it). If the mixture is too thick, add a little more Club Soda till it's to your liking.

Now pour the shush into a glass. Evenly distribute 1 T of Half and Half and then top off with a swirl of whipped cream. Now finish our masterpiece with a couple mint leaves.

Wala! You're finished! It's so quick, easy and tasty anyone can make it!

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    ooo tasty! I bet the slush adds a wonderful texture to the whole drink. And one can never go wrong with whipping cream.