Introduction: Watermelon Planter

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In this instructable, you'll learn to make a recyclable/upcycled pot that keeps your plants moist for a long time. plus when you're done you'll have some watermelon you can use to make some water or eat for breakfast.


  • one half of a watermelon.
  • spoon or ice cream scoop.
  • Soil.
  • Plants, I used succulents because they're really easy to care for.

Step 1: Cut and Clean the Watermelon

The 1st step is to cut the watermelon in half making sure the edge is flat, then using the ice cream scoop or a spoon clean the inside of the watermelon and SAVE what you remove, this can be used to make some water or anything else.

Step 2: ​Decorating the Planter

If you wish you can cut the edge of the watermelon and make some patterns, otherwise skip this step

Step 3: ​Fill With Plants

Now get some soil and fill the planter, once it's filled it time to put some plants in it, I decided to plant succulents.

Step 4: Add Water and Enjoy

Finally add water and enjoy your plants.

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