Introduction: Watermelon Polo

Watermelon polo is a fun and oddly tiring game of strategy... Kind of. The rules are very simple and easy to learn. This game is played in a pool and with a watermelon floating around (because it is mostly water) it creates a trickier game than one might expect.

I like to call that picture "Watermelon at Sunset" :)

WARNINGS: As this is played in a pool it does come with safety needs please make sure you take the proper precautions.

Step 1: Needed Items

-A pool

-A whole watermelon

-6+ people (you can have less but the more the merrier!)

Step 2: Layout

Start by dividing the people you have into two teams. Those teams will then stand outside of the pool on opposite sides. Have one person stand in between the teams also outside the pool holding the watermelon. On the count of three, throw in the watermelon jump in!

Check my extremely detailed, state of. The art diagram for reference. :)

Step 3: Objective

To win one team must push pull or pass the watermelon to the other team's side of the pool. Easier said than done my friends!!

Step 4: Rules

There are only a few rules for this game.

-A no touching rule may be advised especially if you are playing with younger kids (it can get pretty rough up in there!)

-After the tosser throws in the watermelon you may want to wait for a second to let it float up.

-Once the watermelon is in the the pool it cannot be taken out until a team scores a point. Best of five.

-For an extra challenge make it so that once someone grabs the watermelon they can't swim, they have to pass or hand off.

Step 5: Conclusion

I again hope you have fun with friends and family as you play this game!! And again let me know if there is anything I could change grammatically or about the game or otherwise! I would also like to say that I am not the first person to play watermelon polo, I am just showing it to you guys, so I don't want to steal any credit. :)