Introduction: DIY Candle Creator/re-sizer

If you have candles that have been sitting around not being used you can melt them down and create your own new ones. This way you can make your own sized candles out of them!

Step 1: Materials:

-Unneeded candles

-A small pot

-a bowl


-spoon (for stirring)

WARNINGS: Wax can be very hot! Do not attempt without gloves. Also you might want to use things for the wax that could be easily cleaned up, you may have to scrub it.
The pictures you see here are not of the time I made it, as I was not taking pictures. I have tried to re-create what would've happened in the pictures here help you as much as possible.

Step 2: Heating the Wax

Break up a candle or two into the pot. Save the wicks (you will need them later). Turn up the heat and wait!


Fill the bowl with water, making sure that the water is fairly high, and place it next to your pot of wax.

Step 4: Dipping

Once the wax is at a low boil turn down the heat. Now take a wick and dip it in the wax swirl it around a bit to distribute the wax, and then the water. You can use your fingers to shape the wax, AFTER you have dipped the candle in water, it helps cool it down.

Step 5: Repeat

Repeat step four with the same wick until desired size is reached. If your wax gets too cold and hardens then you may have to re-heat it.

Well it's a little lumpy, but it works!

Step 6: Conclusion

Thanks for checking out my instructable. Hope you have or have had fun with this. If you have any ideas or comments on how to make this idea better or even make the plans look better, please tell me!