Introduction: Watermelon Popsicles

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Summer, the time for watermelon and for popsicles, so why not combine the two and make Watermelon Popsicles. While I was getting the craft sticks out of my craft cupboard I remembered being asked to eat as many popsicles as possible by my Mom, she need the sticks for Cub Scout crafts. Now 50 years later I am taking craft sticks and turning them into popsicles sticks. LOL. Another popsicle story: When I was a kid, we went camping and on our way home on a very hot summer’s day (no air conditioning in cars back then) my Dad stopped and bought us each a popsicle. All of us older kids ate our popsicles, but my baby brother, who was only wearing a cloth diaper, put his on his tummy to cool himself off. By the time he was done, his hand, tummy and diaper were dyed orange. Here we go.

Step 1:


1 ½ cut up watermelon (seedless for with seeds removed)

¾ cup thick Greek yogurt

1 Tbs. sweetener (your choice I used agave, you make sweeten to taste)


9 – 3 ounce paper or plastic cups (I found these mini solo cups so cute and reusable)

9 craft sticks

9 cupcake papers


Measuring cups (not shown)

Measuring spoons (not shown)

Blender or food processor

Fine mesh sieve


Silicon scraper (not shown)

Cake pan or tray (not shown)

Box knife or other knife

Access to a freezer or deep freeze (not shown)

Step 2:

Place the cups on the tray and set aside. Put the watermelon

Step 3:

into the blender and puree. .

Step 4:

Put the pureed melon into the sieve and let the juice run though the sieve into the bowl below.

Step 5:

Pour the juice back into the blender

Step 6:

and add the yogurt. Blend.

Step 7:

Taste If it needs to be sweeter, add as much sweetener as you want, I added 1 Tbs. agave. Blend some more.

Step 8:

Pour the watermelon liquid into the cups you have already set up.

Step 9:

Use a knife or box knife to cut a small slit in the center of each cupcake paper.

Step 10:

Put a cup cake paper upside down over the mouths of the full cups.

Step 11:

Stick the craft sticks through the slit to hold the stick upright while the popsicles are freezing. Place them in the freezer and let them set for several hours or overnight is the best.

Step 12:

Once they are frozen, bring them out of the freezer. Thaw the popsicle a little with warm water, or just warm it up with your hand.

Step 13:

Pull gently on the stick removing the watermelon popsicle from the cup. These cups are reusable so I won’t throw them away. Leave the cupcake paper on the stick, it will come in very useful to catch any drips. Yum! Enjoy!

Step 14:

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