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In this Instructable, I will show you how to make a waterproof notepad, so that you can take notes under the rain,or even when you are scuba diving.

this notepad is very handy for people who work outside, such as militaries, contractors, fishermen, campers and so on.

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Step 1: Materials List

- A4 paper.

- Laminating sheets.

- Invisible tape ( it's a mat colored white tape, found in any office supply store ).

- 2 Key rings.

Step 2: Tools List

- A printer.

- Rotary trimmer.

- A laminator.

- A cutter.

- A cutting board.

- Scissors.

- A hole punch.

Step 3: Take the Measurements

Choose what size you'd like your notepad to be.

I suggest you use the same dimensions as the pocket you will place it into eventually, this way it will fit perfectly, and you ll have the biggest notepad you can carry.

Step 4: Design the Cover

Design your cover and cut it to the size of the laminating sheet.

Here, other than the design, i suggest you put some kid of identification information on it,such as your army number, phone number and so on,so that in case you drop it, someone can contact you and return it to you ;).

Step 5: Cut the Papers to Sheet Size, and Laminate Them.

Step 6: Let Them Cool Down on a Flat Surface, Then Cut Them to the Desired Size.

Step 7: Tape Them.

Apply one layer of the invisible tape on the laminated papers, making sure you transpose 1 mm or 2 of tape onto each other.

this is very important, to make sure no pencil gets in the intersection of the tape when you write, as this is a bit difficult to erase later on.

P.S : I only applied that onto just one side of the paper, this way , i only write on one side; this makes it much faster to scroll through what i wrote later on, without having to turn the notepad around every time to see what i wrote on the other side ( Time is money ey ;) )

Step 8: Cut the Tape

cut the edges of the tape.

Step 9: Punch the Holes and Assemble Your Awesome Notepad

Step 10: Testing Time!

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