Introduction: Wave-shaped Headboard With Bookcase

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Hello makers and craftsmen,

In this Instructable I will explain how Almascien Architecture and I made this fashionable wooden furniture.

I had a bed but I didn't have an headboard so we decided to make it and to integrate it with some shelves for books.

The idea was to make something out of the box, artistic and organic. In my opinion wavy wood shapes are really nice, but more difficult to achieve than straight lines. I hope you like the overall design.

The steps to make it are:

- 3D design

- drawing the wood panels cuts

- cut the wood with a jigsaw and round the edges with a router

- assemble

- paint with wood impregnating

ATTENTION! This project involves working with a jigsaw to cut wood, so pay extreme attention while using it. Beware splinters as well.


2 fir wood panels 252x185cm, 1,5cm thick (used for the main structure)

4 fir boards of 200x24cm, 4cm thick (for the shelves)

2 walnut circle of 50cm of diameter, 1cm thick (for the decoration)

1 can of impregnating water wood (waterbased and light walnut in colour)

1 can of gel waxed finish for wood

Step 1: 3D Desing

SketchUp has been used for the main 3D project. Feel free to download the attached file.

Eventually, the final project changed a bit: a few shelves of the bookcase where removed, some embossed details changed and the laptop table was not included (coloured in pink in the picture). However, the overall shape remained.

In order to have the dimensions of the headboard you can start drawing a bed, the average one is 190x180cm, and from there just add the sketch of the headboard around it .

Step 2: Wood Panel Cuts

Once that we have clear all the elements that make the headboard we can start to optimise them on the wood panels.

In my case I had to deal with fir wood panels of the size of 252x185cm.

In the second picture you can see all the dimensions and in the first and third one all the different wood elements arranged on the panel.

This step is important for the bills of materials, in my case 2 fir wood panels were going to suffice.

I decided to use fir wood but the same project can be made with the wood you like the most, such as ordinary plywood, birch wood, etc.

Consider that in the final project there has been a slight modification as the two circles were not cut from fir wood but from a walnut panel.

Step 3: Cutting the Wood and Round the Edges

Now that we have received the fir wood panels from our local timber merchant we have to cut it.

Firstly, cut all the pieces with a jigsaw.

Secondly, use a router to round the edges and make them nice at the touch.

Thirdly, use a belt sander or sandpaper to make sure that the surfaces are smooth enough.

Step 4: Assemble and Paint

We will use screws to join together all the pieces.

The main wavy structure is made of three different panels joined together with a long board at the back (see the 3D model). In this way the structure can be easily moved and disassembled in three big pieces.

Another very long board run horizontally acting as a very long shelf.

3 shelves have been screwed to to panel from the back and to the shoulder on the left.

I painted it initially with light walnut impregnating, then I added a finishing gel which gave the smooth waxed-effect to the furniture. For more info I have added a link in the supplies at the beginning of this Instructable. Feel free to change the colour of the impregnating wood if you would like to have your furniture lighter or darker in colour.

Step 5: Final Product

Now you only have to fix it to the wall. In order to fix it, a single long board with a 45° edge has been screwed with fischer wall plugs to the wall. The headboard firmly fits on this board with another 45° board and they lock together. Moreover the furniture legs are standing on the floor. This system makes the wall fixing very secure and no screw heads are visible.

Now your new furniture is fully finished and placed.

It is handmade and with a stylish, out-of-the-box shape that would certainly impress a friend visiting your house.

I hope you liked this wood project.

Enjoy the festive season!

Bye for now.


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