Introduction: Ways to Ruin Your Life (or Make It Suck Really Bad)

As we all know (unless you've been living under a rock for the past year), the US is in the midst of the biggest economic s@%t hole since the great depression. For a lot of people, every day is a struggle to stay afloat. As a result, some of us may find that our lives are quickly going down the drain.
So, I've created this instructable for two reasons: 1) for my Art+Life class project and 2) to help clear up what you should NOT do, in order to make your life easier. Thus, I'll fill you in on a handful of things that will screw up your life, and would be smart to avoid (unless your really looking for ways to make your life suck). Enjoy.

Step 1: Apply for As Many Credit Cards As Possible

If you do this and use different credit cards for different purchases, you'll have a fun time going through the mountain of bills. On top of that you'll probably have an awesomely low credit score.

Step 2: Watch Too Much TV

Who cares if its a sunny, beautiful day outside? Find you favorite comfy spot, sit down and relax. Don't worry about anything else, because it's TV time!

Step 3: Do Not Excercise, and Disregard Your Responsibilities

Seriously, don't do it. Not only would you loose body fat and become just a little happier (working out creates endorphins, which make you feel good) but you may actually feel good about yourself. These are things that will only make your life better, so just skip it all together.

Trust me. By doing this, you'll be able to dig yourself deeper into that hole you're dying to be at the bottom of.

I also suggest that you be sure to drink and party as often at possible, and if you're in school, don't study. Ever.

Step 4: Only Eat Junk Food

This can combine perfectly with Step 3. Instead of taking the time to work out, substitute it with a drive (don't walk or bike ride) to your favorite fast food joint or grab some tasty snacks at the grocery store. Even better? Bring you high calorie meal home to watch some more TV!

Step 5: Have Unprotected Sex

Ok, so here's where it gets better. Don't use protection, i.e condoms, birth control etc. If you have no choice and your partner is forcing you to use it...sabotage it. (Sticking a pin in a condom will work the best and be the most inconspicuous)

Step 6: Act Like a Fool While on the Road

Don't wear your seatbelt, unless you actually might want to be alive after a crash.
According to, for survivors, average medical costs are 50% higher for those not wearing a seatbelt. Which equals higher bills to pay, yay!

Practice "road-rage" driving, as well as utilizing the use of your cell phone while you're driving along so that the chances of getting a ticket will be much higher

Step 7: Be Oblivious

Walk against a red light at a busy intersection while you're arguing on your cell phone with one of those credit card companies, or whomever else you've managed to upset at this point.

Step 8: Don't Be Street Smart

Make a habit of walking in shady areas alone at night. You may be lucky enough to run into someone who will end your life right then and there.
*Bonus points if you hitchhike with a trucker