Introduction: Ways to Make a Friend Smile

Ideas for how to brighten a friend's day.

Step 1: Leave a Kind Note...

Leave a note...
-wishing him/her a nice day,
-wishing him/her good luck on test.
-congratulating him/her on a good job.
-telling him/her how amazing he/she is.
-letting them know how much you value his/her friendship.
-with a relevant quote or just a quote that you like, after all it is the thought that counts.

Step 2: Leave a Flower for Them to Find

Pick a flower, or buy one (or many) and leave it for them to find. You can do this anonymously or do it with a note for recognition, either way it is sure to brighten their day.

Step 3: Tell Them Something Nice

It is always nice to get a compliment. Throw one to a friend every once in a while to let them know you care, and to make them remember how cool they are (that's why you love 'em).

Step 4: Give Them a Call..

Remind far away friends how much you still care, give him/her a ring and get the 411 on their life; letting them know you care goes a long way. A simple phone call reminds them that your still there and that you do care about them.

Step 5: Buy Their Favorite Candy

Figure out what kinds of candy they like and bust it out sometime when they have had a bad day. The thought will mean something that you both knew the candy they like and cared enough to get it, plus they will be sure to enjoy eating it!!

Step 6: Let Them Enjoy Their Favorite Music

Burn them a CD of all their favorite music; they will have all the songs they like in one place for easy access. It will brighten their day to get a present from you. Plus, they can always use it in the future: they can pop the DC in anytime and boogie out when they are having a blue day or they can put it on their I-Pod and always have it in their collection.
You can play their favorite songs for them when you guys are chillin' out sometime.

Step 7: Make a Meal With Them

It is fun to make a meal with someone; you can get really creative and have a great time. Plus, then you get to enjoy a nice meal together, that you made yourselves.

My friend and I tried making crepes it was awesome we grabbed everything in the kitchen that looked like it would go well and had a ball. The end result: smiling crepes (for a great start to a girl’s only day)!!

Step 8: Do Them a Favor

Everyone needs a helping hand now and then. If they need help do them a favor, chances are they will have your back in the future when you need a hand too.

Step 9: Give Them Drugs

....only if they are in pain.

Step 10: Just Hang Out With Them

Sometimes just being there means the most.

But, hugs are always nice too!