Introduction: Wear Ear Buds the RIGHT Way!!!

Tired of ear buds that keep falling? Have to adjust them every 10 seconds? Then this instructable is just for you!

Ear phones don't fit everyone. Especially the ones without Silicone tips. Some people have ears that just don't let them go in properly. I just bought a new pair for running, but they just won't stay in my ears! The only solution online was to buy another pair, which was simply not acceptable.

This awesome way of wearing ear buds keeps them from falling easily, even while running. Never feel bad for buying the wrong ear phones again!

Step 1: Get a Pair of Ear Buds

Any type of ear buds will do.

Step 2: Take 'em Back

Hold the ear buds and take them BEHIND your ears.

Step 3: Loop the Loop

Bring them up and around your ears like in the photo.

Step 4: Voilà!

Once you have taken a considerable length of the wires around your ears, just wear them normally. Sometimes you don't even need to push them in much!

Please feel free to comment and tell me if this works, or suggest any changes.