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Introduction: Wedding Photo Album - Love Theme

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Wedding is such a special occasion in anybody's life. Every stage, right from the preparation phase till bidding farewell, is a collage of memories for the future. To cherish these memories forever, we capture them as photos. To save these photos we need a photo album.

And what could be better than to have a handmade wedding photo album based on the core essence of a couple's relation; LOVE.

The following steps will help you know "how to".

1. How to craft the album cover

2. In the first video I will show you the album, describing each of its element. I will also share with you the names of most of the brands used and the store from where I bought them.

3. Subsequently, in the second video I will show you the step-by-step procedure to create the pages of this album. The page style is the pocket and flap style page.

Lets begin !

Please Note : Since the steps to create the hinge system is not my original concept, I have not recorded that. This is to avoid copyright infringement. But I have mentioned in the steps the youtube channel where you can easily learn the same.

Step 1: ​Supplies Used

Recollections Brown Envelopes - (5.25 X 7.25 ) inches - 3

Recollections Coloured Card Stock Sheets ( 12 X 12 )inches - Brown and other colours

Medium weight Chipboard ( 12 X 12 )inches - 2

Paper Doilies

Pattern Paper

Glue - Elemer's Craft Bond

Scissors / Cutting Tool

Decorative items and Embelishments

Journaling cardstock

Martha Stewart Designer Edge Punch (Optional)

Fiskars circle punch (Optional)

Step 2: How to Craft the Album Cover :

1. Take two 12 X 12 inches medium weight chipboard sheets.

2. Cut out the following three pieces from it

- ( 7 3/4 X 5 1/2 ) inches = two pieces (Front and Back pieces)

- ( 7 3/4 X 2 ) inches = one piece (Spine piece)

3. As shown in figure 1, align the pieces (A, B and C) with 1/8th of an inch gap in between.

4. Then stick a wide double sided tape to each edge of spine piece (B) to attach it to the inner edges of A and C pieces respectively, as shown in figure 2. (The pink strip represents the tape)

5. Repeat step 4 on the opposite of the sheets as well to make it more sturdy.

6. Once the tape is attached, it forms a continuous sheet which can be easily folded at the spine like a book.

7. Then layer the chipboard cover frame with brown cardstock and decorate it with the pattern paper.

Step 3: Video 1 - Describing the Album Elements

Album details :

Album Size - Length = 7 3/4 inches ; Width = 5 1/2 inches

Total Pages - 3

Total Photos - 30 | Photo Size - (6 X 4) inches

Check this video from my youtube channel - Specs N Scissors.

The background music used in this video is originally created by Michael at his Youtube Channel - relaxdaily.

Please Note : The Hinge system used to attach the pages to the album is Kathy Orta's Hidden Hinge System. You can easily find the tutorial for the same at her youtube channel - Paper Phenomenon.

Step 4: Video 2 - Tutorial to Create the Page Style of This Album

Page Details :

Each Page size - Length = 7 1/8 inches ; Width = 5 inches

Total Photos per page - 6

Page style - Pocket and flap

Check this video from my youtube channel - Specs N Scissors.

The background music used in this video is originally created by Michael at his Youtube Channel - relaxdaily.

Finally, the album is completed to be used.

Enjoy and Keep Crafting safely !

Thanks :)

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