Introduction: Wedge Mortise and Tenon Frame

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This was a very special project. I got this picture from my Grandma of her dad back from the war taken in 1919 100 years ago 100 years ago is right. i wanted to make a frame that would stand the test of time and last 100 more years this frame is the most solid construction made.

Step 1: Tools and Material

I used this new beast of a machine I restored. its a chisel mortiser made in the 70s you can make mortise by hand but if you see in the video this thing works the best

router or table saw to make the tenons


scrap wood

and a little glue optional this joint would be strong with out glue If you wanted

Step 2: Cut the Wood to Length

I used the Picture to get the rough dimensions

Step 3: Cut Mortise

this thing is so coooooool!!!

Step 4: Cut Tenons

you can use a router or table saw

Step 5: Wedged Mortise

cut small slits 1/4 inch in on each side of the tenon insert in the mortise then insert small wedges in slits hammer them in and joint should be tight

Step 6: Sand and Finish

i only sanded a little bit but you can go as far as you want 180 or 220 would be good

Step 7: Rabbit the Back Side

i used a 1/4 inch rabbit bit in the router and routed out the back inserted a plexy glass and the picture put card board behind it and put brad nails to hold the picture in place.

Step 8: Hang and Enjoy

watch the video to the end for a nice tribute to my great grand dad!

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