Week 4: Slicer

Introduction: Week 4: Slicer

I tried Option 3, which is experimenting with existing slicing plugins for Grasshopper for my Week 4 assignment. I used Droid (https://www.food4rhino.com/app/droid-3d-print-slicer-and-path-plotter) for generating GCode in Grasshopper to print Koch's Snowflake.

Step 1: Koch Snowflake

I modified the Koch snowflake code from https://www.modelical.com/en/grasshopper-scriptin...
I've started with a small snowflake, moved the position to fit inside the bed, and increased the size.

Step 2: Printing (trial 1)

What took me long time was to generate mesh for the input to slicer. At first, I tried using Delaney triangulation and the result didn't turn out nice and the outline of snowflake didn't print well.

Step 3: Printing (trial 2)

Finally I tried using 'Mesh Brep' component to the extruded surface. Then it worked out well :)

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