Introduction: Weekend Home Makeover ( Pt. 1 Cabinet Makeover)

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The market is just to good to sit on this property and keep it for a rental. So it needed some updating to sell for a premium. Here's how we did it.

I'm not going to show you before because this place was in shambles. Its almost embarrassing I owned this place.

Keep up. I'm not going into depth with these instructables! Time is of the essence! Check out all 6 to see the transformation.

Step 1: Measure and Precut

Its important you set up your work space before starting this project. This will help with maximum efficiency.

Now simply take the old cabinets and measure each side and record the measurements on to your new wood. I used poplar strips.

Step 2: Add a Blade

Turn off your power to your saw and add a second blade to your table saw.

Make a pass and check fit with insert. I used 1/8" plywood.

If snug make passes on all boards.

Step 3: Clean Up

Making multiple passes makes a mess. Do a quick sweep. Trust me it helps!

Step 4: Connecting Corners

Overlap your boards and make a mark.

Add a 3rd blade to your saw if you have it. It will make quick work of this task.

Check your depth to make sure pieces will be flush.

Make multiple passes taking off a bit each time until your board hits the fence.

Check fit.

Step 5: Check, Glue, Fill

Check the new cabinet frames to the old cabinets.

Cut inserts to fit.

Glue and clamp overnight.

In the morning fill holes at the end with wood filler and lightly sand.

Step 6: Check and Mount

Check to make sure cabinets are level and mark.

Add hindges.

Make sure to predrill to ensure a strong hold and minimize breaking frame.

Step 7: Visual

Hang and check all doors with a quick visual once over.

Step 8: Hardware

Measure and drill locations for hardware.

Recess all screw heads.

Do the same for the drawers.

Step 9: Slap on Some Paint

Move to the next room.