Weenie Roaster!

Introduction: Weenie Roaster!

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So, this was made because I don’t like using all my grill space to make hot dogs and sausages. I’m more of a steak and chop kid. This gives my sister her hot dogs while leaving me good space for steaks or pork chops.

You will need:
Wire cutters
50 cent cooling rack from dollar store

Bend that cooling rack in half, hamburger style.
Cut all the wires that are connect to the outer frame wire, but NOT the outer frame.

Step 1: Bend It!

Fold the uncut side of the rack and the cut side of the rack together so that the cut side is below the uncut side. It’s like the hamburger fold, but you went so far that the buns crossed sides.

Straighten those ‘legs’ of the cooling rack, and tada! Grill space and weenie roasting area!
 check it out!

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    10 years ago on Introduction

    neat idea but the dogs or sausages wouldnt get those cool grill marks


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    thanks. my sister complained about the same thing, so at the last second, i took the meat off the grill part and flipped it over and put the dogs, roaster attached, to sear really fast on my extremely hot side of the 'que.