Introduction: Welcome to Class

To begin, I searched for photos that had free to use creative commons licensing. I then inserted them into Word and added the titles. From there, I printed it.


Makey Makey Kit

Aluminum Foil







Scratch Website to Create Interaction

Step 1: Putting Supplies Together on the Box

I took the labels and pictures and cut them apart. I used a knife to cut a hole through the cardboard in which I was able to insert two alligator clips. I did the same on the other side. I figured out the placement, ensuring the Makey Makey worked and taped down the words/pictures, repeating for all four.

Step 2: Connecting to the Computer

Once all wires are connected to the cardboard and the Makey Makey, I also used foil for the Earth portion, which is next to the words Morning Greeting.

I opened up Scratch and clicked on Create.

Choose four of the "when ______ key pressed" and four "play sound" pieces.

Change them to: up arrow, down arrow, left arrow, and right arrow. Click on the meow and click on record sound. Choose whatever sounds you would like. After recording, you can check it. If you like it, save it, if not re-record. Once you save it, give it a name. Once you are done, go back to the code tab and change the meow to whatever sound you created for each of the keys. See the picture above for my final code.

To get the sounds to work from the cardboard box, you will have to have Scratch open and you will need to touch both the Earth foil at the top and the greeting you choose.

Step 3: Short Video

I know that they will still have to touch the foil, so it isn't totally touch less. It isn't the most creative setup, but I am very left brained. I am sure you could be more creative than I.