Introduction: Welcome to Middle School! Unlock the Future.

Congratulations! You've made it through elementary school!

Welcome to the world of switching classes, chatting with friends in the hallway,
chewing gum in class, and so much more! This is an exciting time and the beginning of many new freedoms and adventures. But first, you must gain a new skill that you will use everyday-- How to unlock a locker.

This guide will show you how to unlock a combination padlock. This is an important task because most schools in the nation require each student to use a combination lock on their lockers to secure their items during school. Unfortunately, you will only be given 5-7 minutes to change your school supplies between classes, so it is very important to learn how to complete this task quickly and grab your books for the next class!

Step 1: Materials Needed:

  • One combination lock
  • Time to watch a short video(1 minute)

Step 2: Preparation:

Before you watch the video:

1.) Purchase a combination lock. Most schools require a certain type of lock. Be sure to check which type is needed during middle school orientation. Orientation is when you receive your class schedule and meet your teachers.

2.) Remove the lock from the package and find the three numbers on the back of the lock. This will be your secret combination so don’t share it with anyone who doesn't need access to your locker.

Take this time to turn the wheel of the lock and learn how it feels to turn it clockwise and counterclockwise.

Step 3: Watch Video

Click here for the video: How to unlock a combination lock

Step 4: Troubleshooting & Suggestions


  • The second step may be a bit difficult to understand--Be sure to pass over the first combination number in a full circle before going to the next number
  • After the second number, turn directly clockwise to the second number
  • There are four notches between each number on the wheel
  • Practice makes perfect!


  • Make a note of your combination and keep it somewhere safe or give it to your parents just incase you forget your combination!