Introduction: Welcoming Sign

This is a very easy  wood carving instructable that can be extrapolated to any king of drawing.
I wanted a welcoming sign for my main entrance so I decided to make it.

I used just a spare sheet of wood  , my dremel and material that is easy to find  in any home. So it costed me almost nothing.

You'll need these materials:

1 sheet of wood (better if multi-leveled)
1 sheet of paper
a pencil
some paint (red, white and black)
slim brushes

And these tools:
Dremel( with the engraving cutter)

Step 1: The Design

For this work I chosed a Maori sentence: "Haere mai ki to matau kainga", meaning "Welcome to our home".
To make it a little more maori I designed some patterns around the sentence, following the maori style, and the Koru (fern) shapes.
I made it using the computer, always limited by the size of the wood sheet. Next step print it.

Once you have the drawing, paint it with the charcoal on the opossite face.

Step 2: Templating

Now it's time to tape the paper on the wood.
With a pencil redraw all the design.
You'll notice that the design is  transfered to the wood.

Step 3: Carving

Time to plug you Dremel and carve all the drawing.

Multi layer wood will let you have differnt colours depending on the depth of the carve.

Step 4: Painting

Paint it as you like and that's all.  Ready to hang on the wall.

Hope you enjoy. Hugs from Catalonia.