Introduction: Well Cover

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This is what your completed project will look like .

Step 1: Miter Box Saw, Set It for 22.5 Deg.

This is my first time making an instructible so please don't beat me up too much, any constructive criticism or suggestions would be appreciated . I put this together quickly so hopefully you can under stand the process.This complete project cost me nothing because I had the materials lying around.It took me around 4 hrs to complete.Lots of cutting and clean up of saw dust other than that , very simple.

Tools required for this project are minimal:

Miter Box saw

Tape measure or ruler


Landscape lumber


a few handfuls of nails

Safety glasses

Optional - some sort of wood preserver

Step 2: Landscape Lumber

All free material, just lying around so I decided to do something with it.This material can be purchased from Lowes or other department store for about $4.75 for an 8' length.

Step 3: Construction

Making the sections are simple,all that is required is the saw settings, 22.5 deg and the length you want them to be. Length determines diameter of the Well, My well casing is 6" but it also has a top that makes it closer to 10", so my sections were larger. 22.5 deg angle setting is what you need to make a complete circle , 8 required for each row ,each row gives you approximately 4" in height depending on your lumber dimensions.I basically nailed the sections together to form the ring and then pinned ring to each row.I did this because if you build the whole structure and then try to move it, it can become quite heavy. Suggestion would be to cut all your lengths using a stop so that all lengths are exactly the same , once that is done then cut all the angles , double check your lengths because unless they are darn close you will have a little difficulty making the rings.In my design, I cut my lengths to approx 9.5" ,my well cap was 10" in diam. and my internal dimension of the ring was 16"

Step 4: Rings in Place

Here is the base sitting over the existing well casing, power washed lumber because it was sitting in my yard for several years and mopped some wood preserver on it.

Step 5: Completed Project

In this photo I built a roof ,optional but I think it helps to complete it. Things that could be added would be a handle and a pail with a short section of rope to make it appear functional.Roofing was also laying around , at the time I didn't have enough to complete it properly, needed 3 in one tab roofing to cap it correctly,will purchase some 3 in one tab roofing to make the cap LOL. Depending on your diameter ,that will determine the size of the roof, I basically used 2 pieces of pressure treated lumber 24" long ,and cut plywood to make the roof.My roof plywood was 17" X 24" approximately.The ends of the roof supports were cut to fit the 90 deg angle of the roof and then screwed to internal side of the top ring.

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