Introduction: Werewolf Mask

About: Hi there, my name is Ashley and I love werewolves :p I'm currently in college working on getting a degree in Digital Design and it takes up most my time, but when I get some spare time you can usually find me…
This is a project that I started working on because i never liked any of the werewolf masks in costume stores. It started very simple, I used only foam board and masking tape for the frame, then became a little more involved as the project went on. I only spent about $20 on the materials, but I did already have some of the materials on hand, such as an old pair of gloves and t-shirt, and a beanie hat. I used foamboard for the teeth, and craft fur that was purchased at hobby lobby. The mouth moves with my own jaw when I talk and gives a really cool effect.

Please excuse my Easter shirt!!! I know it looks really odd with the scary werewolf mask lol. I will be working on a full body suit to go with this in time. I'll update with more pics soon!

Let me know what you think of it! Sadly I didn't know of this website at the time of making this, so I didn't document it. But, if enough people like the costume, I'll certainly try to find time to make an instructable for it! It was a blast to make!