Introduction: Whack a Button Multiplayer

A game like a Whack-a-Mole.

Using LEDs and buttons.
There are 2 modes:
-Single player

in single player mode, there are 3 levels:
LEVEL_1: 1 diode for 1 second

LEVEL_2: 2 diodes for 1 second

LEVEL_3: 2 diodes for 0.7 seconds

And for the multiplayer part it's very simple
1 player is giving targets and the other one is hitting them

Connect the Arduino, open the serial monitor, follow the steps and enjoy

Step 1: Step 1: Getting the Materials

For this project you will need:
1. Arduino Uno

2. Leds

3. Wires

4. Soldering PCB boards

5. Buttons

6. Resistors

Step 2: Making the Board for the First Player

Using the components, solder everything (or use a prototype board) like on the pictures.
Led1-> Arduino pin 13

Led2-> Arduino pin 12

Led3-> Arduino pin 11

Led4-> Arduino pin 10

Led5-> Arduino pin 9

Led6-> Arduino pin 8

Button1-> Arduino pin 7

Button1-> Arduino pin 6

Button1-> Arduino pin 5

Button1-> Arduino pin 4

Button1-> Arduino pin 3

Button1-> Arduino pin 2

Step 3: Making the 2nd Board

The connections for the 2nd board are:
Button1-> Arduino pin 14(A0)

Button1-> Arduino pin 15(A1)

Button1-> Arduino pin 16(A2)

Button1-> Arduino pin 17(A3)

Button1-> Arduino pin 18(A4)

Button1-> Arduino pin 19(A5)

Step 4: Step 4: Upload the Code, Set It and Play

Choose mode.
Choose level.
Wait the countdown and whack-a-button!!!
Every round last for 45 seconds.


Level 1:
Correct button hit = +10 points

Wrong button hit = -5 points

Button miss = -1 point

Level 2, Level 3

1 correct button hit = +15 points

2 correct buttons hit = +30 points

Wrong button hit = -10 points

1 button miss = -1 point

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