Introduction: What Does a Rumpkin at Work Look Like?

I grew pumpkins in our garden this year to decorate the porch for Halloween. Two pumpkins grew together to create a pumpkin that looked like a butt. I found it very funny and I called it a "Rumpkin". I used it to decorate the front porch by dressing it up as a plumbers butt crack.

I will lay out what was needed and the steps to finish our plumbers crack Rumpkin.

I gathered all the items needed.


Pants, Wrenches, Belt, Plunger and our newly named Rumpkin.

Step 1: Grow Pumpkins

Our family grew a large patch of pumpkins this year. Two pumpkins grew so close they fused together to become one pumpkin...this is how I got the rumpkin.

Step 2: Come Up With a Theme

I came up with a theme. I went through many ideas. I decided Plumber was the funniest and we had all the supplies needed to make this happen.

Step 3: I Gathered the Items and Dressed Up My Rumpkin

I washed the pumpkin. I put on the pants. I put on the belt. I put a wrench in the belt and set the plunger and other wrench by like a working Rumpkin.

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