Introduction: What Can Replace the Broken Intex Oars Connector

Everybody, who has an Intex Inflatable boat or Intex Kayak has a Paddles with black plastic connector,

Step 1: Start Project Step

Which is not so strong and can be broken easily.It is difficult to find on-line replacement,

and even if you find it, it will cost you around $12-14 + more,more,more.

I found new paddles for $23 on ebay, cheapest price, but I don't need new pair of paddles and
I want to solve this issue with less money.

Step 2: Search Step

I found in Lowes 3/4" pipe connector, which was for $3.60 - I bought two for me.

Step 3: Adjust Step

I made by "Dremel", or you can use any rotary tool, the input and output cap holes little wide just for one millimeter

Step 4: Decorate Steps

Paint them in black.

Step 5: Final Steps

And mount connector to paddles parts.

Caps, then rubber rings

Connect all parts and see the result.

You finished good job and save some money for the beer ;-)))