Introduction: What to Do With Leftover Cotton: Knotted Coasters

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As good knitters we love to use every last inch of the yarn we use for our projects, so we are always finding something new to make with them. If a ball lets you to knit a garment then also something that decorates your house, it’s much better, right?

Step 1:

This time we are going to make some coasters with a knot that will not leave anyone indifferent. They seem very complicated to make, but we promise that in a moment you will have caught the trick :)

Step 2:

The first thing you will need is to knit a long cord with the leftover cotton. We need about 4 yards. Keep cool, this part is the most difficult and tedious, but it’s worth it. If you aren’t sure about how to knit a cord with two needles, check our tutorial.

Now look for a flat surface where you can work quietly.

Start by forming a loop (as if it were a pretzel) with the cord, leaving one end on the left side. That short end should not be moved from there until we finish the coaster. We will always work with the rest of the cord (the long part).

Step 3:

Insert the end of the cord through the first piece of cord with which we made the loop. It has to go underneath.

Step 4:

Now you have formed another loop on the lower right side.

Pass the ends of the cord below the upper right cord (the other half of the “pretzel” we formed at the beginning).

Step 5:

Look carefully at the picture.

And then pass the end of the cord below the next side of the loop. We are creating the base shape of the knot.

Step 6:

You should have something similar to what you see in the photo above. It is important that you do not squeeze the knot and try to make all the spaces between the cord as uniform as possible because they will mark the outermost part of the coaster.

Step 7:

Insert the end of the cord through the loop where we started, exactly where the short end is.

Step 8:

You’ve already made the most complicated part! From here, you’ll just sew and sing :)

Step 9:

The shape of the coaster is already marked, and you only have to repeat the steps that we have done following the strand of cord of the previous round, there is no waste. Make the new round pass on the inside of the first, through the inside. You can see in the photo how the cord we made passes through the interior of the cord that we had already passed through there.

Follow the whole line of the cord again, placing the cord of the new round on the inside.

Step 10:

This leaves the second round of the cord to complete. Repeat another round to close the knot in the middle.

Step 11:

You will have finished the coaster when you have completed 3 rounds. At the end, hide the leftover cord leaving it at the back of the coaster.

Step 12:

On the reverse side, tie a knot with both ends of the cord and cut flush. You can add a drop of fabric glue to make sure it is secured and does not move.

Step 13:

Now enjoy it. Make yourself a tea or a very rich coffee and use it with your favorite cup. Our Pima cotton is perfect for this project because it is very soft and also provides a perfect texture to the coasters. Make a ton in different colors!

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