Introduction: What to Do With Unwanted Papers - Paper Flowers

Have a lot of useless paper you want to get rid of?

Make paper flowers instead :)

Step 1: ​Things That You'll Need...

  • Hands
  • Papers
  • A Ruler

Here's a little video of me making the flower bouquet with some test sheets from my sister for her graduation day.

Step 2: Tear the Paper

First, take out the papers you have but don't want anymore. Papers that are too thick (ex. cardboards, construction paper...) or too thin (ex. toilet paper, tissue paper...) doesn't work well with this tutorial, but if you really want to try, no one is stopping you, it's still fun, just not as structural. My personal favorite is the brown paper bags.

Second, if you have a ruler use the ruler. If not, just try to tear an even piece, it doesn't have to be perfectly straight. I'm using a worksheet from a public health class, you can tear whatever width you want, just make sure it's close to a rectangle with long length.The length will determine how many "peddles" you will have.

Step 3: Start Rolling

Once you tear that piece, fold down the starting end of the paper(as the picture shows), it should look like a triangle.

Start rolling the triangle, until it's aligned horizontally, this will be the center of your flower.

Fold the top down again, yet this time you want the top part to touch the bottom but not aligned, this angle you've created will help the folding process later.

Step 4: Pull, Twist and Fold, Repeat

This part is a little tricky when you first started, but I guarantee by the end, you'll get the hang of it.

Pull the paper up, twist and fold down, keep doing it until you've reached the end.

As you see in the video, in the end you can either fold it small to fit in the pockets behind the previous "peddles"(same as video), or you can twist it down to wrap around the center we created in the first step.

Tips: You should always pull the paper in an upward motion, so you can bring the peddles up around the center.

When folding, always use your non-dominant hand to keep the center and folded peddles tight.

Step 5: Different Sizes and Papers for Variety

Play with different types of paper and materials!

Here I made three slightly different sized flowers for reference.

Step 6: Creating the Stem(optional)

What you can do if you want to extend the paper flower to another level.

Use the rest of the paper to roll and twist down to the desired length, if you want to give it some leaves, do not twist it all the way down, leave some length and then twist the paper back up, here's a video for you to watch the simple process.

Have fun!