Introduction: Wheeled Van Bed

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Wanna camp or cross-country travelling, without hotels or tents?

Try a bed that goes where you go and is already set up!

Wheels on the bottom make insertion and removal a breeze with this bed

Step 1: Measure and Cut

I had a twin size mattress from a homemade bunkbed my sibling grew out of, so I already had the base started

The base is made entirely from 2X4s and 3" screws



39 1/2" X6

42 1/2" X2

76" X2


3" screws ~X36

2-4" 200lb castors X2

plywood handle (or regular handle)

1-2" screws ~X10


Miter saw

Screwdriver (cordless)

Step 2: Align and Secure

Start on a corner, and secure it, the long end overlapping the ends, with two screws on top of each other.

After one side is down, space the center 2X4s evenly, and screw in completely on one side.

Flip it on it's side and secure the other end, then secure the other side of the center 2X4s.

Step 3: Wheels

Adding wheels on one end allows easy movement to and fro the van.

Place on the corners, and trace the holes with a pencil or marker.

Drill pilot holes with a 1/8th bit, to prevent splits when screwing near the edges of the boards.

Fixed wheel style are cheaper and more secure than other, so that's what I went with.

Step 4: Stop and Handle

Adding a board at the opposite end of the wheels keeps the bed at an even level, making it more comfortable.

I used a trim gun to secure the stop board, so I could modify it easier later if need be.

A handle centered by the stop board turns the bed into a wheeling bed with easy handling

Step 5: Boards and Board

Normally, I would cut a piece of 4X8' plywood to fit between the mattress and the bed base, but I wanted to get it done quickly, so I used whatever scrap I had in my shop. It turned out quite well, even if it doesn't look amazing.

To insert the bed:

  1. Wheel it over to the trunk of your van
  2. Lift the wheels onto the back of the van
  3. Lift the handle on the other side and push

The stop board prevents it from rolling around in the back, even when driving like a maniac

Step 6: Bedding and Go!

When you have your van all spruced up (see glamping),

It's time to move your bed and get going!

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