Introduction: Whipped Coffee !

I love coffee, but I am very picky about how it tastes. Personally, I like my coffee on the sweeter side. If you do too, this recipe will definitely be a hit.


- bowl
- instant coffee
- sugar
- hot water
- something to mix with (hand mixer is recommended)
- a cup
- vanilla extract (if desired)
- tablespoon measuring cup
- milk (almond, soy, whatever you prefer!)

Step 1: Heating Your Water

Simple enough!
First thing you’re gonna want to do is make sure you have access to hot water. Wether you boil it on the stove or you have an electric heater.

Step 2: Add Sugar and Coffee to a Bowl

After your water has heated, take equal parts instant coffee and sugar. For this recipe, I used one tablespoon of each. You can do more if you want a bigger portion of coffee.

Step 3: Add Hot Water to Your Sugar and Instant Coffee

Add the same amount of water as you added sugar and coffee to your bowl.

Step 4: Mix, Mix, Mix!

Once you’ve added your coffee, sugar, and water to the bowl, take your hand mixer and begin to mix the ingredients together. As you do this, the mixture will become a lighter almost tan color.
(whisk, spoon, whatever you have. Using something non electric may take longer)

Step 5: Keep Mixing!

You will know your whipped delight is done when you can form stiff peaks with the mix. Lift your mixer up, if the coffee forms peaks that do not fall and stay up you’re ready for the next step. If your coffee is still liquid it will collapse, keep mixing.

Step 6: Begin to Assemble Your Drink!

Grab yourself a cup! Then, fill it with ice (if you want!), I only filled my cup about a third of the way with ice. Fill your glass with the milk of your choice. (I used whole milk, you can use almond or soy if you prefer to.)

Step 7: Add Your Whipped Coffee to the Cup!

Add your finished whipped coffee to your cup using a spoon or spatula of any sort. Feel free to add as much or as little to your cup as you want! Once you're done, you can mix your coffee and the milk, or leave the coffee floating on the top of the cup. I added a splash of vanilla and then mixed the milk and coffee whip together.

Step 8: Enjoy!

Yay! You made whipped coffee! This treat originated in India, then the recipe was edited as a dessert on a popular Korean cooking show, then became a popular trend on the app we know as Tik Tok. This recipe is really easy and super yummy. Enjoy!