Introduction: White Hill Diorama | Terrarium | Rock Climbing

This time I tried to make White hill diorama ,Its very easy to make .

I think every one can make it with little effort . Feel free to ask any question about the diorama . Material, Styrofoam, acrylic colors , PVA glue , air dry modelling clay , clear epoxy resin and pigments, thin wire and thread, glass bowl.

Step 1: Making of Rock

I started the project with rock making ,take Styrofoam and cut required pieces . All pieces should be the size of your bowl. Use PVA glue to attached all pieces like i did. Now take simple knife and mark stocks on pieces .Stocks should be like rock which i did .

Step 2: Coloring on Rock

Take black color and cover all the pieces with it. When color is completely dry ,spray PVA glue and water mixture on pieces. It will permanent on Styrofoam. Stone grey color is required for it,use brush and color on it.After dry the color apply raw sienna on it with hard brush.Rock is ready.

Step 3: Use of Clay

Now take the bowl and place air dry modelling clay in it .Fix all pieces in clay .Set the clay in required shape .For the base of water I used black gravel .

Step 4: Water Making

I used clear epoxy resin ,mix the both part .I used two color pigments for water ,its blue and green. Mix it well and pour in the bowl.For enhanced the beauty of rock I used moss mat .Cut few pieces and paste it with the help of glue.Now i took thin wire and bend it . It looks like a wire man than I took thread to cover all the wire .

Step 5: Final Pics

Here are few final beautiful pics of White hill diorama.