Introduction: White Rabbit Bubble Tea

I'm a massive bubble tea fan, both home made and shop bought. I recently read an article about bubble tea shop introducing White Rabbit as one of the flavours. Unfortunately, it's not available where I live, so I decided to make my own version.


Step 1: Ingredients

For two servings:

1/2 cup black tapioca pearls (this one cooks in under 5 min)

6-8 White Rabbit candies

Black tea bags

Sugar (optional)

Bubble tea straws

Step 2: Dissolve the Candy

If it's your first time using White Rabbit candy you will probably find that each candy is covered in a thin, paper-like wrapper within an actual wrapper. It's an edible rice paper wrapper and you don't have to remove it prior to melting.
Unwrap 6-8 pieces of candy and pop them in the sauce pan. Add about 1/4 cup of water and heat up. Let it dissolve gently while stirring every so often. Once melted and smooth, transfer to another dish to cool down.

Step 3: Black Tea

Brew black tea (or your choice of tea). I used two tea bags for 300ml of boiling water. I also added sugar at this point- 1 teaspoon per serving (optional). Leave it cool.

Step 4: Boil Tapioca Pearls

Bring 5 cups of water to a boil and drop tapioca pearls in. Watch closely and wait for pearls to rise to the surface [about 1min]. Once they do, turn a timer on for 3 minutes and let them cook. Drain the pearls in a strainer and run them under cold water for 30-90 seconds.

Step 5: Assembly

I opted for a room temperature tea, so I didn't add any ice, but you can do so if you like.
Grab a tall, transparent glass, add half the tapioca pears and half the candy mixture. Pour tea into the glass, be gentle and don't disturb the layers. Put a thick straw in each glass and serve.

Step 6: Enjoy!