Introduction: White Squid

This is what my daughter did during the pandemic time off-school.

You need a crotchet and some white yarn.

Then, you just need some imagination.

This time, it was an idea of making a squid.

She didn't calculate anything, just was crotcheting until she finished it.

Step 1: Body

Make a round beginning with a crotchet and continue making the body of a squid.

Single crotchets are recommended.

MR- magic ring

X - single crochet

Y - single crochet increase

A - single crochet decrease

R1:Mr 6 sc (6)

R2:V (12)

R3:X Y (18)

R4:2X Y (24)

R5:3X Y (30)

R6:4X Y (42)

R7-11:X (42)

R12:4X A (35)

R13:3X A (28)

R14:2X A (21)

R15:2X A (16)

R16:X A (14)

R17:X A(10)

R18:A (5)

Step 2: Adding Legs, Frill and Eyes

Then, add more single crotchets to make a frill.

Stuff it with some sotton wool and close under the frill. Add some legs.

Add 2 beads as eyes.

And it's ready.



8 x LEGS


Step 3: Sweet Squid

Place the squid on your shelf.

Isn't it sweet and pretty?

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