Introduction: White Girl Costume

my first idea was to be a stereotypical teenage white girl: Starbucks, iPhone, leggings, ugg boots, you know the drill. but then I thought, if it's not a pun, what's the point?

and with that, the literal teenage white girl was born.

basically the thinking was that I would have the Starbucks and iPhone and leggings and uggs still, but give a literal meaning to it. you wear a white morph suit or just white makeup on your face, arms and legs, and then put on all the other things, so you are literally a white girl. I actually have blonde hair, but if you don't, you may want to buy a blonde wig and fishtail braid it or just leave it down.

Step 1: Morph Suit or Makeup

for you last minute costume seekers, it may be a bit late to get your hands on a white morph suit. no problem: just get white face paint or body paint, and cover all the skin that shows!

put on your white morph suit. if you are a girl, be careful of your hair; don't get it caught in the zipper, and don't let it show too much through the morph suit, I suggest putting it in a tight, low ponytail on the back of your hair (attractive I know) to keep it out of the zipper and not lumpy.

NOTE-morph suit tips
if you have braces, or just drool a lot, you may want to put a piece of masking tape on the inside of your morph suit, because it is rather embarrassing to have a wet spot where your mouth is. don't forget about this however when you go to drink water (only drink water because juice will stain white), it will go all down your costume and we don't want that.

I cannot stress this enough. especially in white, it looks awful if you wear a neon pink bra and purple underwear. don't forget, or wear a white undershirt!

Step 2: Clothing

I know that again, for last minute shoppers, it will be difficult to get some of these products, I have provided DIY instructions for those possible to make yourself.

cold: leggings. you could get a pair of tight black leggings to wear over the morph suit. the idea with the morph suit is so that what skin shows is completely white, so it's fine if some of it is covered.
alternative: yoga pants, high waisted shorts, skinny jeans, roots sweatpants

"I love you to the moon and back" brandy melville shirt. this is very popular among stereotypical white girls, and would give your costume a real kick, especially to those who actually own one of these shirts. this should get a good laugh.
alternative: anything sequinned or sparkly, tank tops, camisole (with cardigan over)

3. SWEATER/CARDIGAN/FLANNEL-weather depending
oversized hoodie. any oversized sweater will do. the sweaters with either no zipper or the half zipper at the top are most effective, but any will do the trick.
cardigan. these are very popular right now. make sure it matches the shirt you choose.
flannel. flannels are very popular this fall, especially red and black, but any flannel will catch the eye.
these are all equally effective, use your judgement on what would work best with the rest of your costume.
alternatives: leather jacket, army jacket, coat

ugg boots. these would be the most effective footwear - however, if it is rainy, snowing or any precipitation, your boots will ruin, and they are not cheap.
alternatives: moccasins, combat boots, converse

WIG: long blonde hair. this is ideal colour for the costume you are trying to pull off: if you want to go the extra mile, you can braid it or put it up in a type of bun (messy, sock bun, or other)
NATURAL: this will be difficult if you have on a morph suit. you can put up your hair in a high ponytail with a scrunchie or bow and stick it through a small hole unzipped in the zipper, or pull the face part back to let your hair out a little bit. it is hard to describe, but if you unzip it enough to have it over your face but not covering your hair, it should work. you can also braid or put in a bun from this step.

iPhone: you can print this out on paper and attach it to cardboard if you don't have one. they are quite simple to fake, just find a screenshot of the home page off google images.
Starbucks cup: you don't have to continue buying Starbucks all day, you can just keep the cup. pumpkin spice lattes are a popular choice for girls right now.
any other stereotypes you can come up with
alternatives: camera, Tim Hortons, Taco Bell smoothies (Baja blast especially), any other stereotypes you can conceive

hashtags. examples are #selfiesunday, #throwbackthursday, #selfie[any other day] #yolo, you know the drill.
examples are "totes" (totally) "fab" (fabulous) "omg" (oh my god/gosh) etc.
take. selfies. lots of selfies. this is a good time to use (this year) #selfiethursday, and make the motion with your hand where you make a peace sign and put it next to your eye (rotate your wrist so that the side of your thumb could trace your jawline)
take pictures of your Starbucks cup. a lot.

Step 3: Hit the Streets!

I hope this Instructable helped give a creative, funny spin to your Halloween. thanks for reading! leave feedback and your experience with this costume! (if you try it) sorry the pictures aren't very good, I couldn't get any better ones :/

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