Introduction: Whiteboard Can Eraser

Hi guys!

I guess only a few of you might need a whiteboard eraser, but you should watch this video anyway!

Few months ago I got a whiteboard, and it is really great, I often drew, made calculus, lists and other things on it. The problem was that I just lacked a whiteboard eraser.

Last week, while drinking a can, I decided that I would use this same can to make an eraser. So here is what I have done:


I used basic stuffs:

-an empty can

-polyurethan foam

-a cardboard

-2 magnets

-glue (I used cyano-acrylate)

-a piece of felt

-and I also used a cutter, diagonal pliers, a drill but I guess that you can manage only with scissors.

Step 2: THE CAN

In the first step I used the can. I have cut it with the pliers so that at the end only a half can was left.

Then I just filled it up with the polyurethane foam and let the foam expend. Few hours later, when it is dry you can remove the excess of polyurethane.

Why? Because I did not want the can to collapse when erasing the whiteboard, because an empty can is quite fragile. So the polyurethane allows the can to have a certain pressure from the inside and make it more resistant. Moreover, this product is really light once dry, so it does not overload the eraser.


I have cut a small piece of cardboard that fitted perfectly with that part of the can I removed.

I then drilled 2 holes in it, so the magnets I have could fit in it.

Then I placed the magnets in the cardboard, and added glue to fix them.


I used the cardboard to make the eraser. To do so, I just used a piece of felt that I simply glued to the cardboard.


Then I just glued the eraser part made of cardboard, and the can filled with foam.


To finish I have tried it, and it works great, I was happy with it. First because it satisfies its goal and erase my whiteboard as expected. Also, it's very compatible, because of the can shape, so it is comfortable to handle. And to finish, it looks nice on my whiteboard!

I hope you would like it, feel free to comment, share and subscribe!

And maybe vote if I decide to enter in a contest…!

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