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Hello everyone!

Here is my whiteboard marker organizer in many colors! It has the capacity to carry 5 markers + 3 and an eraser together! Don't forget the watch the attached video for enjoying the moment where I place my markers one by one :)

Let's start the details! The overall size of the marker organizer is 25 cm wide, 17 cm tall and depth is around 16 cm including its hangers. I used a PLA material for 3D printing the entire organizer in 3 days and 20 hours and 25 minutes. Yes, it took a lot of print time. And I used CR10S as the 3D printers to fabricate my design :)

Step 1: 3D Print Settings, Orientation and the Files

In the pictures, you can see the orientation that I used in the CURA software to slice the organizer. Overall dimensions are in X: 164 mm Y:179 mm and Z: 257mm. I also attached the CAD file where I designed it Autodesk Inventor. So you can simply open it up and measure the dimensions of each feature and remix it if you want!

I used the layer height of 0.1 mm to keep the fabrication faster otherwise it will be pretty long. If you want to shorten it more you can use 0.15 or 0.2 mm layer heights as well. One thing to consider is the infill. Try not to lower it more than 10% because it might break easily. I sued 20% infill. The print speed was 60 mm/s.

Don't forget to use an unopened PLA roll because this design will use 216.0 meters of filament. So more than half will be used. Or if your printer has filament detection sensor it will be very easy to follow if you run out of filament. In my case, I used Creality CR10S to print it.

Regarding the support material, you will need to use it because this design requires a lot of support material. I used support over an overhang angle of 70 degrees.

Regarding the rest of the print parameters please take a look at my screenshot attached.

If you are in a location where electricity goes out frequently you might want to use a power supply to prevent print failure or use a 3D printer that has a print recovery option. Also, don't forget to use painters tape to increase the bed adhesion.

Step 2: Removing the Support Material and Final Touch

To avoid any cuts on your finger please use a plier to remove support materials and try to be gentle because you don't want to destroy 3-day long print :) Also you can use a 600 grit sandpaper to sand down any sharp edges as well. Right now what you need to do is to just attach it with the hangers to the bar around the whiteboard! Or don't forget to remix it for your own benefit.

I hope you enjoyed my organizer! feel free to comment down below. Best wishes everyone!

Last but not least if you want it to be as colorful as mine, by using filament detection sensor you can pause the print and replace the filament and continue to create a more colorful version!

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