Introduction: WiFi Tank With SPEEEduino!

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Finding treasure in trash!

I managed to find an unused robot tank from projects of previous years lying around in the corner of the lab in my school so I picked it up, hoping I could salvage it for some parts, and here I saw two familiar things – the 360-degree servos! Maybe I could use it with the SPEEEduino to make it a WiFi enabled mini robot tank!

Things I used:

- A SPEEEduino

- A few jumper wires

- A breadboard I had lying around

- A USB portable charger

Step 1: Modifying the Example Code

From one of my previous Instructables, I managed to control the SPEEEduino’s onboard LED. I used this to control the tanks movements. Well currently it is at the stage where it can only be moving in forward and backward motion, but it will change in the future.

Step 2: Connecting the Wires Together

It is relatively simple to connect the two servos to the SPEEEduino. With one servo, it would be simple to just connect directly to my board, but since I had another breadboard and wires lying around, I managed to split the 5v and ground to the two servos.

Step 3: Upload the Code and Lets Go!

I managed to make it move forward and backwards, but other directional functions will be worked on at a later date. Thank you!