Introduction: Wifi Controlled Car / IOT Bot

In this Instructable, you will learn to make a WiFi Controlled Car and also to make an App for it(without coding). You will need no prior knowledge on App making .

Making Time: 15 minutes

Project Cost: Under 10$

Application : The knowledge gained from this project can also be used in different IOT projects,Automation and projects where one needs to control devices via WiFI.

Step 1: Components Required

  1. NodeMCU 12E
  2. L293D Motor Driver (or others like Adafruit's motor driver shield and L298N)
  3. BO Motor Pair
  4. Chasis (Here i have used a Handmade Chasis for making the project cheap)
  5. Castor Wheel
  6. Few jumper wires
  7. Mini Breadboard
  8. Power bank( for powering NodeMCU)
  9. 9V battery(for Motors)
  10. IC7805( optional).Since i am using L293D module that needs 5v for the IC)

Step 2: Connections

1. Connect the motor wires to the Motor output pin of Motor Driver
2. Connect the motor input pins of the driver with NodeMCU pins

  • Here, we are using pins namely:

D0 and D1 : for Right Motor

D2 and D3: for Left Motor

3. Optional : (if you are using a motor driver module that needs no 5v supply for its IC then skip this )

Input of 7805----->9V (+)

Output of 7805----> 5V i/p of motor driver

Common all grounds

Step 3: Coding Section

Code :

In the code, you need to edit only the SSID and Password of your network and upload the sketch and note down your NodeMCU's Local IP (that will be needed for connecting to our bot)

(if, you wish to use different pins for motors then change the code accordingly and the string that is send for comparing (via App)to NodeMCU for movements are the keyword that we have used during our App making)

Step 4: WiFi App Making With AppInventor

If you wish to use my App then download it :

Want to make your own : Then download the .aia file ( ) and import it in MIT App Inventor and edit the layout as per as your need. Or follow the above images to get the ideas about the blocks and the layout.

Step 5: All Related Downloads

Download Section:



Mit AppInventor App aia file:

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