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Introduction: Wifi Controlled LED Display

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Almost all stores have a an LED display. They are the perfect attractive and low cost advertisement tool. However, most of them have a limitation. They are static. This means you cannot change what is displayed on them. So, for instance if Jesse Pinkman wanted to change his LED sign from "Meth" to "Blue Meth" he would have to buy another LED display, which is quite a hassle. But, what if he could do that from within the confines of his lab using his phone? Wouldnt that be great!! Ladies and gentlemen i present to you the simple WiFi controlled LED display.

Here is the video tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MYn8rF1TXSQ

Step 1: Requirements

Arduino mega

Wifly shield

WS2812b Neopixel matrix

Battery/power supply

Also dont forget your HTML and Arduino programming skills at home.

Step 2: Setup

Mount the wifly shield onto the arduino mega. Here is how you should do it.

Connect the neopixel matrix to the arduino and battery. Follow these instructions to do that

Power the arduino board with a USB cable. You can power it with the power supply if you wish.

Step 3: Code

Step 4: Operation

Once the setup is complete, power it. Wait for the wifly shield to connect to the hotspot. Make sure the computer or phone you are using to control the led display is connected to the same hotspot.

When the wifly shield connects, enter its ip address on the web browser. This will open the webpage (shown in the picture) and you can enter numbers (from 0-9) on the display number text box and select the color you want the number to be displayed in then click on submit and voila! The number will be displayed on the neopixel matrix.

Step 5: Video

Step 6:

For the full tutorial visit http://www.arduino-hacks.com/wifi-led-display-wifly-arduino/ and for more tutorials visit www.arduino-hacks.com

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7 years ago

Can it do multiple digits on the same screen?


8 years ago

Smart idea! I really like this project. Thanks for shearig :)