Wii Remote As Lightgun With Iron Sight / Line of Sight Accuracy to Control Your Pc - 4 IR LED Tracking System - Geekonarium.de

Introduction: Wii Remote As Lightgun With Iron Sight / Line of Sight Accuracy to Control Your Pc - 4 IR LED Tracking System - Geekonarium.de

Use the 4 LED Tracker of Lichtknarre-tool with your Wii-remote to control your PC with the accuracy of iron sight / line of sight. The cursor is located where you aim.

The accuracy and the speed of the mouse got better while filming this movie :D


  • Only needs to be calibrated once in theory.
  • The user can move to a certain degree. It is not necessary to stand exactly in the spot where the calibration was made.
  • Wii controllers can be quickly connected without the need for Windows menus.
  • Easy to use with other games through vjoy2- or mouse-plugin.
  • Yes you can rotate the Wii controller. It takes about 1 second for the programme to readjust. But this is actually no problem in use.
  • The gun only needs to be 1.3 - 1.5 times as far away as the display is wide.
  • Play Multiplayer with vjoy2!

Info for Tutorial

Sometimes you see different versions of the tool in the screenshot. Right top you see the version.

Step 1: Buy Usb Bluetooth Radio

Make sure Bluetooth radio is compatible with wii remote.

You can check here: http://wiibrew.org/wiki/List_of_Working_Bluetooth_...

I use "TP-Link UB400 Nano USB Bluetooth 4.0".

Make sure the radio is plugged in.

Step 2: Build 4 Infrared LEDs

Since version 0.9.8 you can use the BAD-LED mode for low powered IR-LEDs also. This steals an almost not noticeable/configurable amount of frames for interpolation.

For my take on building the infrared LEDs look here or watch the video:


For small size screen it also works with low powered IR-LEDs. But if you want to be professional and play on beamer etc than go for my solution ;-). But there are far much more easy solutions on youtube with for example USB+LEDs. But beware you need Infrared LEDs.

See also

If you don't want to build 4 LEDs and use that tool right away with some disadvantages than look no further than here: https://www.instructables.com/Wii-Remote-As-Lightgun-With-Iron-Sight-Line-of-Sig/

Step 3: Installation

Download the software and Install:


Step 4: Activate 4 IR LED Tracker Plugin

Activate the 4 IR LED Tracker if this has not already been done. There will be many more trackers in the future, but this one is for wii and 4 Infrared LEDs.

More technical infos about plug-in system: https://geekonarium.de/en/lightgun-lichtknarre-abo...

Step 5: First Calibration: Mount Infrared LEDs to Your Display(Beamer, Display, Etc)

Click on the button "LED-Calibration". After that the screen of the second picture should appear, which tells you where to place your LEDs. There where the lines meet the edge.

I mounted all with magnets for example. The LEDs from the picture is the old LED model. Updated one is under the link in Step2. The new model is much more tiny and more easy to build.

Make sure that you mount the LEDs vertically in a ratio of 74 to 26 and horizontally in a ratio of 50 to 50.

If you have a distance between the LEDs and the screen, then you should ignore the instructions from the calibration screen and measure the ratios yourself.

Step 6: Connect Wii Remotes

Hold 1 and 2 until the Wiis are listed in the application. It is not necessary to use windows tools to connect. It may take up to 18 seconds for the Wii to be listed. However, it is better than using the Windows tools to configure.

You can connect at least 4 Wii-remotes by holding 1 and 2.

All Wii remotes that have been connected will be assigned to a player. The application remembers which device was assigned to which player if you want it to.

Step 7: Calibrate the Gun

Click on the button "set/override all gun-calibration". After that the black screen should appear from the screen. Try to place the dots in the boxes. They should be as close to the edge of the screen as possible.

This will defined the default calibration for all new connecting wii remotes. Atm it is not possible to calibrate each wii remote individual.

Step 8: IR-Offset Calibration

Sometimes the app user may not be able to build the IR LEDs directly to the screen. Since the app only sees the LEDs, it thinks that the screen is larger than it really is. This is where the LED offset calibration comes into play.

You can set the values individually for all LEDs. Top, bottom, left and right. (Look Screenshot)

To do this, start the LED Offset Wizard or calculate the values yourself.

As you can see in the screen, there are two types of offsets, the LED offset and the game offset. Here we are only talking about the LED offset.

To calculate the values, take a look at the following tutorial:


Step 9: Adjust Connector Plugins for Gaming.

You can use the default "Mouse"-Connetorplugin to controll the mouse with the first wii remote or you can goto http://vjoystick.sourceforge.net/site/index.php/81... install and configure and use the vjoy-Plugin to bring the input of the wii remotes as an controller input to other programms. Then you will be able to use multiple wII remotes in the games.

Yes multiplayer is possible with vjoy2 plugin. Play with more than 2 player.

Here a detail tutorial how to configure the emulators: https://geekonarium.de/en/lightgun-emulator-config...

If you want to programm your own plugin watch no further than here:


Dolphins love vjoy :D

More infos about Lichtknarre plug-in system: https://geekonarium.de/en/lightgun-lichtknarre-abo...

Step 10: Lenses

More infos about lenses comming soon.

Step 11: Enjoy

Happy playing!

the gun should be 1.3 to 1.5 times as far away as the screen is wide. Otherwise the detection won’t work perfectly. But its very near by!

Step 12: Troubleshooting

Step 13: This Is Not the End!

Step 14: Updates

Step 15: More Infos :D

Step 16: MARK As Made

Please do me a favor an mark this project as made if you use it :)

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3 months ago

First of all, I want to thank you for this project.
Wiimote works fantastic with this program.
Probably the cheapest and most accurate solution is to use a gun for playing games on PC.
I want to ask: Do you plan to use off-screen charging?
For example, when you point your weapon off-screen, does the A button automatically press?
It could be an optional feature and with this the weapon would become perfect.


Reply 3 months ago

It's very accurate, I didn't even know about this program. You can buy a Wiimote for 10 euros (I have 3) and a gun case for 5 euros. I used cheap 30-degree infrared diodes in a package of 40 pieces, they cost 2 euros. I connected 3 and 3 in series to 5v phone charger plus 100ohm resistor.
And it works great.
Only minimal costs are used for the production of this weapon.
Accuracy is the same as (Ir4gun or sinden).
Thank you for this program.
Before I found out that this program existed, I was using a program (GlovePIE) and modified the off-screen loading script as follows:

// Mouse Buttons
mouse.LeftButton = Wiimote.B
mouse.RightButton = wiimote.PointerVisible = 0
mouse.MiddleButton = Wiimote.One


Reply 3 months ago


I dont have the comparison between sinden and IR4gun but i heard it has less latency.


2 years ago

Thank you for sharing!


Reply 1 year ago

Funny. When i click on see more the button disappear and nothing happens @StumpChunkman :D


Reply 1 year ago

i mean "see 1 more that made it"


Reply 1 year ago

Weird, sometimes it takes a little while for things to update. Try refreshing and see if it's working now.


Reply 2 years ago

Yeah no problem. Realy looking forward to someone who use it :) Working for 6 years on this topic now xD so glat the release is done now. :)

But still lot of work has to be done. Plugins needs more options for rumble etc. Multiscreen support etc :D


Reply 2 years ago

New Version! 0.9.3
- Now with IR-Offset calibration to make it more accurate.
- Better position calculation
- Setup installs all needed runtimes now.